• 3 Tips to stay safe when doing Household chores

    Your back and spine are constantly bearing the brunt of your day-to-day activities. It can be useful to pick up tips to protect the back in household chores and avoid the aches and pains you now associate with many of these routine tasks. Whether it is doing the dishes, mopping, or cooking meals, the back …

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  • Simple Ways To Relieve Sciatica For Desk Workers

    Ergonomics is the study of the physical demands of work in all kinds of jobs and environments. What does this have to do with sciatica? If you have sciatica, you know low back, buttock, and leg pain can make working painfully difficult. Considering the 5 tips in this blog and applying simple ergonomic principles to everyday activities, such as using a sit-to-stand desk or readjusting your sitting posture, may help get you through the workweek with less pain