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Physiotherapy Services at Home

Whether you are a young athlete facing a race against time to get fit for competition, a concerned working professional wanting to avoid issues in old age, a senior citizen keen to stay fit, healthy and pain free, or recovering from accidental wear and tear, Midas Physiotherapy is confident we can help you to achieve your goals.


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Physiotherapy Services at Home

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Why Choose Us

High Quality Instruments

We have a comprehensive collection of all latest machineries for varied physio needs. We here at MiDas bring you the latest technology in order to maximize the benefit to their patients.

Qualified Staff

We provide continuous supervision from our qualified and professionally trained staff.

Clean Sanitized Clinic

We have curtained therapy pads for privacy and complete relaxation. All our machines and pads get sanitized between patients, including but not limited to cushions, towels and napkins.

Best Results

We aim to provide a way to live pain free and help our patients maintain optimum physical health.

Our Lab Certification

Our Expert Team

Physiotherapy Services at Home

Dr. Manish Kundwani

Get up every morning and tell yourself “I can do this”